The Women’s National Collegiate Athletic Association, is a voluntary, non-profit schools-based athletic organization dedicated to empowering women with equal rights and opportunities in sports in order to contribute to their holistic character formation and provide avenues for their productive self-and-group expression, personal advancement, and development into responsible citizens.


We envision a national tri-level league of women covering all sports and including both from exclusive and non-exclusive schools, developing women’s athletic potentials from an early age, and integrating into their character formation and overall education to produce women athletes who are successful, ethical showcases of Filipino excellence.

The Executive Council


  • Executive Director

    Maria Vivian P. Manila


  • President

    Yolanda O. Co (CKSC)


  • Vice-President

    Dolores E. Fernandez (SPCP)


  • Secretary-General

    Ma. Angelica S. Dela Cruz (SBCA)


  • Tresurer

    Ellen Catherine A. Carbon (SSC)


  • Auditor

    Jemima Katrina C. Fajardo (UA&P)


  • Director

    Jeremiah Serene S. Atun (AC)

    Arvin Anthony P. Flores (LSCA)



  • Dale G. Lacorte (AA)

    Marita C. Adamos (AC)

    Juanita P. Alamillo CEU)

    Ace Gacutan (DLSZ)

    Bernadine Rose S. Yamamoto (DLSZ)

    Arvin Anthony P. Flores (LSCA)

    Maricel I. Francisco (MC)

    Ronna S. Pineda (PWU)

    Sherwin F. Tiu (SJCS)

    Ferdinand R. Pascual (SJCS)

    Wilson C. Ngo (SSHS)

    Patricia Marie B. Marcelo (UA&P)

    Dominador B. Lera Jr. (UMAK)

    Norman S. Aravar (UMAK)